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Monday March 27, 2017 at Tuscawilla Country Club

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** The tournament date has been changed to 3/27/2017 **

Welcome to our updated THANK YOU VETERANS GOLF website. We apologize for the delay in updating the information for the next golf tournament that has been moved to Monday, March 27, 2017. The tournament will still be hosted by Tuscawilla Golf and Country Club. There will be a change in the number of players that will be able to play in the tournament: there will be only one group of 120 players (30 foursomes). There will only be one opening and closing ceremony. Please see additional information on the site and instructions on how to sign up.

Don and I would like to take this time to explain why there have not been any updates to the site, and why this year’s tournament has been moved to a later date. Here goes:

A few days after our very fun and successful 2015 THANK YOU VETERANS GOLF TOURNAMENT, Don became very ill and was hospitalized on December 26, 2015 and again on January 1, 2016. After two weeks of a heavy duty antibiotic that was given to Don by IV the doctors still could not find out why Don was in so much pain, but released him anyway. Again in March 2016, after 3 more hospitalizations and a loss of 50 pounds, the doctors finally took a blood culture and found that Don was infected with very dangerous bacteria in in his bloodstream. The bacteria had attacked his heart valves, internal organs, muscles and bones before it settled into his right foot and big toe. He underwent surgery to remove a bone in his toe to see if it had gone into the bone marrow. If so they would have had to remove as much bone until they did not find any more infection. Thank goodness the infection had not entered the bone. Don was on a different antibiotic for 2 weeks while in the hospital stay. The doctors then discharged him and set him up on IV antibiotic for 45 days as an outpatient at Florida Hospital South in Orlando, so every day he had to go to the hospital and be there for 2 hours for his IV. After completing his second 45 days of antibiotic they cultured his blood again and the report came back that his blood was free of the bacteria. After 3 weeks Don became ill again and this time on June 10, 2016 at 7:15 AM Don suffered a life threating stroke. I just happened to be home and not at our office and he was able to get to the hospital for surgery to remove the embolism at the base of his brain. The embolism was nothing but that #@!&# bacteria and dead blood cells. Yes it was back! Don was in the hospital from June 10, 2016 to July 7, 2016 then moved into the Mayflower Rehab Unit in Winter Park, FL for 60 days where he re-learned how to walk, talk and do all the things we take for granted. Every doctor, nurse, therapist and friend tell us Don is a Miracle!

Don came home on September 9, 2016 and has continued to improve beyond anyone’s imagination. He has had constant therapy at home and is now going to outpatient therapy at Florida Hospital outpatient therapy locations. He is determined to be at the tournament on March 27, 2017 as good as new!

Just as we thought life was good again, Don’s nephew James G. Hodgskin, was killed in an auto accident on Sunday October 23, 2016. Jimmy was the namesake of Don’s brother Jim who was killed in Vietnam and the son of Don’s brother Jon, sister-in-law Lori and the brother of his niece Ashlee. After this untimely event and the shock to us all, we decided at this time to move this year’s tournament to the Spring of 2017.

Don and I feel that we want to give all of you the day that you deserve and one we will be able to enjoy along with you.

Please understand why we had to change the event and move the date this year. This will give us time to make it the great event it should be for you all to enjoy.

Sandi and Don Hodgskin

* * *


We've changed the format this year so please take note!

This year's format will be a scramble best ball with only 1 tee time starting at 9:00 AM sharp.

Here's a schedule of the day's events:
7 AM Registration Begins
7 AM to 8:45 AM Tickets sold for optional Raffles and Games
7:30 AM Breakfast Starts
8:45 AM All Golfers in Carts
9 AM Tee Off
1 PM Golfers Start Returning to Clubhouse; LUNCH IS SERVED
2:30 PM Drawings for 50/50, Raffles other Prizes
3 PM Awards

Don and Sandi

There will be more on the site, and we ask you to frequent the site as often as possible.

Thank you,
Don and Sandi Hodgskin
We belong to millions of grateful Americans

Don & Sandi Hodgskin

This tournament was founded to honor Jimmy G. Hodgskin, Jr. and his fellow brothers and sisters of war; those before him, those after him, those serving now and for all our heroes who have fallen in the service of this great nation. --www.thankyouveteransgolf.com

Sandi and I are extremely proud to present to our heroes the 14th annual thankyouveteransgolf.com tournament to be held March 27, 2017, at the illustrious Tuscawilla Country Club.

Don & Sandi Hodgskin welcome you to YOUR 2017 Thank You Veterans Golf Tournament. More information will be provided very soon. PLEASE SIGN UP!


Don & Sandi Hodgskin

Event Founders – With tremendous pride and conviction!
We Never, Ever, Ever Forget.

CALL: 407-468-3055
EMAIL: don@thankyouveteransgolf.com

Check our facebook page for updates!

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